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w/ Daniella Monet

We don’t always get our wants, but our habits are here to stay — unless we actively take steps to change them. Creating the right habits is the key to achieving momentum in the most important areas without relying on bursts of motivation or inspiration.

By unlocking the habits required to make your biggest goals a reality, you don’t just increase their chances of happening... you make them inevitable. Join Daniella Monet as she reveals the habit-building techniques she’s used to become a skilled actress, singer, business owner, and mother of two children.

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w/ Tim Timberlake

All lasting success boils down to one thing: consistently making effective decisions that continue to grow the life you want for years down the line. In fact, making the right decisions at the right time is the single best way to transfer the mundane into the miraculous.

Join Tim Timberlake as he shows you how to master your decision-making process, shape your time the way you want, and consistently get more out of life!

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w/ Case Kenny

Not all goals are created equal — how you articulate your goals directly determines whether you accomplish what you truly want. In this lesson, you’ll discover how to not only put your most important goals into words that make them nearly impossible not to achieve, but also actionable steps you can take to achieve goals you have for every area of your life.

If you have goals you’re deeply passionate about in every area of your life — health, business, relationships, hobbies, creating more time for yourself, no matter what’s important to you, Case Kenny reveals exactly how to do it in this video.

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w/ Cameron Rosin

You can work as hard as your body will physically let you, but fighting against lack of clarity and a wandering mind will only get you so far. That's why the “neurophilosopher” Cameron Rosin has gone deep into how to use our natural biology and brain chemistry to unlock higher levels of focus and clarity than you've ever thought possible.

Inside you’ll discover what’s holding you back from the ability to concentrate and articulate your ideas with less distraction and frenzy, so you can attack the day without anything holding you back.

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w/ Patrick J. McGinnis

Even if you've never heard of Patrick McGinnis, you have definitely heard of a famous phrase he coined: FOMO. He’s a true master of getting more done in less time and saying no to the distractions that don’t align with our true goals, and he’s kindly offered to host our closing session of the challenge.

If you find you constantly pour all of your energy into your biggest tasks and quickly become drained, you’ll discover how to reclaim both your time and energy so you can live life on your terms and without the Fear Of Missing Out!

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Patrick J. McGinnis
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• Daniella Monet: Actor, Mother, Co-Founder of KinderBox
Tim Timberlake: Pastor, Father, Best Selling Author
Case Kenny: Best Selling Author & Top 25 Podcaster
Cameron Rosin: Neurophilosopher, Founder of HeyDay
 Patrick McGinnis: Venture Capitalist, Author, & Speaker


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